Data & Analytics

HedgeFollow provides a variety of analytics and data solutions for institutional investors. Our API puts terabytes of current and historical data readily accessible for you to backtest your strategies and investment ideas. Sample code is available in R and Python to help you get started.

Fundamental Data

Valuation Ratios, earnings data and other fundamental information extracted from over 5 years of financial statements. The data covers a wide range of US equities and is an integral component of any value-driven investing strategy. The data is compiled from financial statements filed in each quarter and made available at the end of the quarter.

Hedge Funds Data

5 years of historical data extracted from 13f filings of over 5,000 institutional investors and hedge funds. This data undergoes extensive data cleaning and processing to clean up errors/typos in the filings, make necessary adjustments such as stock splits, etc.

Post-processed data is provided which includes calculated metrics for each holding such as the percent change, percent of portfolio, trade weight relative to portfolio, etc.

Data from 13G and 13D filings are also available. Our algorithms can detect a hedge fund's transaction even if it was filed in the report of a different company (this is often the case as hedge funds use affiliate companies to file their holdings).

Stock Price Data

5 years of historical daily closing prices for US equities. The prices are split adjusted to account for stock splits and reverse splits. Also available are intraday prices (1-minute, 5-minute, etc.) for the past 5 years.

Insider Trading Data

5 years of insider transactions including top level executives, directors and CEO's of US companies. The data includes both open market transactions as well as compensation awards. This is currently in beta mode.

Analyst Stock Ratings

Market analysts are hired by banks to research companies and issue stock ratings and price targets. Those ratings are usually published across thousands of platforms in the form of news articles, research reports, broker alerts, etc.

HedgeFollow mines data from many different sources, performs massive data processing and cleaning to eliminate redundancies, errors, typos, etc. to give you an informative idea about what the world's investment analysts think about a stock. Two years of rating history is available, along with a subscription that gives access to daily ratings.

HedgeFollow Analytics

Through the use of AI, machine learning and statistical modelling, we also develop predictive models that give insights, risk ratings, and predictive scores for traded securities. Furthermore, we generate quarterly reports and visualizations highlighting interesting institutional trends.

Updates are provided on a quarterly basis, typically 50 days following the end of the quarter.

Custom Analytics

We also offer ad-hoc services for funds to help analyze their own data and portfolios. We can assist in every stage of the pipeline, including:
  • - Data Mining
  • - Data Cleaning and Sanitation
  • - Data Wrangling and Reshaping
  • - Portfolio Analytics (Utilizing Machine Learning, AI, and Statistical models)

For more information, please contact us.