Privacy Policy

HedgeFollow is committed to your privacy and giving you maximum transparency about how we use your data. This page details how we use any data collected from our users.

Data Collection

HedgeFollow does not collect private personal information (such as your name, email, address, etc.) when you use the site. The only time we can possibly receive private personal information is when you contact us and provide your name/email in the form. You are not required to provide your real name and primary email address in the contact form. In fact, we encourage you to use an alias and a temporary email for maximum protection of your privacy.

The names of fund managers/leaders listed on fund pages are public information, obtained from various public resources.

HedgeFollow does collect non-personal information from users, mainly data about the usage of the site, user activity, user trends, etc. We do this mainly to understand how we can improve our site and services, and better serve our users. For example, if many users are searching for a hedge fund that we do not track, we will try to add it to our tracked funds.

Another reason we collect non-personal information is to protect our servers from malicious users. For example, some users may launch attacks on our servers, or may run automated bots on our site. We use non-personal information to detect and ban these users.


Most sites use "cookies" to track usage data by their users and better serve them. A cookie is a small file that most browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, etc) automatically accept when you visit a website. This file allows the website to understand how you're interacting with the site, for example what pages are you visiting.

HedgeFollow uses cookies to better understand how people are using the website and how we can improve it. Many of the features on the website require cookies to work properly. You can edit the options in your browser to stop accepting any cookies, and to delete all cookies that are currently stored. However, this will cause many of the website features to stop working properly.

Third Party Advertisers

At the moment, HedgeFollow does not use any third party advertisers. Hence, your data is protected from any third party advertisers that might try to collect information about you for marketing or promotional purposes. This may change in the future, but we will be sure to only engage with reputable advertisers and make sure we are keeping you informed with updates to this privacy policy.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, which allows us to review reports about web traffic to our site. The reports include information such as the number of visitors to our site, growth in users, traffic sources, device types, etc. For details, we refer you to Google's privacy policy on this matter.

Data on Children

Our site, services, and software are NOT designed for or directed at children or minors below the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect any personal identifiable information from children. If you believe any child has provided us with personal information, please contact us asap to ensure we delete that information.