Dividend Aristocrats

This is a list of the top 75 dividend aristocrats on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Dividend aristocrats are stocks that have a history of very consistently paying and increasing dividends. For more information on dividend investing, please see Hedge Follow's Guide to Investing in Dividend Stocks.

The list shows both traditional and modern dividend aristocrats. Most online resources only show traditional dividend aristocrats, meaning those stocks with a very long history of reliable dividend payments. Hedge Follow introduces some "Modern" dividend aristocrats as stocks that have the potential or are on the path to eventually becoming traditional dividend aristocrats.

This opens the door for investors to look at some newer stocks that have been consistently paying dividends for many years (just not as many years as the traditional aristocrats). We believe it is beneficial for the investor to see both types of aristocrats and what they have to offer.

The list is updated periodically to remove/add some new members and reflect the changing stock market.

Top 75 Dividend Aristocrats Stocks

Last Update on November 17, 2019
Stock Company Name Dividend Yield Dividend Yield (3Y) Dividend Payout Industry Sector Aristocrat Type History