Latest Hedge Fund Activity 13g/13d

The following are the latest stock trades by hedge funds according to their 13g/13d filings. Activist investments (13d filings) are colored blue while passive investments (13g filings) are white. For more information about this read Hedge Follow's course on hedge fund investing.

Note that this page only shows trades that were reported in 13g and 13d filings as part of the fund's compliance with regulations involving large stock trades. For a more complete picture you may want to click on the funds to see their other activity during the quarter.

Hedge Funds Latest 13g/13d Filings

Scroll to the heatmap of all those trades | Updated on November 26, 2021 at 9:10 pm ET
Manager Fund/Manager Name Symbol Shares Value % Change % of Portf Fund Rank Ownership Price History Date
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Heatmap of Hedge Funds Latest Activity