Is Berkshire Hathaway a hedge fund?

Is Berkshire Hathaway a hedge fund?


No. Technically speaking Berkshire Hathaway is not a hedge fund, it is a holding company.

Although Berkshire operates similarly to a hedge fund in terms of investing in stocks and other securities, it does not take performance fees based on the positive returns generated every year.

Instead, it is traded on the NYSE with the symbol BRK, and the company's employees (including Warren Buffett) make money from their salaries and stock bonuses. Of course, their incentive to perform well as a holding company is driven by the fact that their shares will increase in value if the company makes good profits.

Answered by Eddy Green | 2019-02-04 |


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The term "hedge fund" has come to mean different things, among them holding companies like Berkshire. Traditionally hedge funds were initiated as limited partnerships, which Berkshire is not.

However, you will find many refer to Berkshire as a hedge fund despite that, since the term has come to mean any company that invests in equity or bonds with the goal of making positive returns.

Answered by Gina Pollard | 2019-02-02 |


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