What does a hedge fund manager do?

What does a hedge fund manager do?


A hedge fund manager has three main tasks:

1- To keep investors happy. This involves keeping them updated about their investments through investment letters and other forms of communication.
2- To oversee the daily investment activities of the hedge fund. This involves managing portfolios, dealing with employees and reading reports about stocks and performance.
3- To steer the hedge fund towards new investment opportunities that will generate absolute returns.

Answered by Gina Pollard | 2019-02-08 |


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A hedge fund manager raises money from clients and leads the hedge fund in managing that money through investing in the stock markets, real estate, and other financial markets.

The hedge fund manager is responsible for leading the fund to profitability by successfully investing the money entrusted to his hedge fund.

Answered by Robert Pzena | 2019-02-08 |


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Hedge fund managers are responsible for investing the money deposited in the hedge fund by investors. They manage their employees and investments to ensure the success of the firm in generating profits from its investing activities.

Answered by Howard Folland | 2019-02-10 |


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